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Nationality: French, British, Citizen of the World

Languages: French, English, Russian

I'm the CEO and Founder of Kizoa and I coordinate both the tech team and marketing team to create the best movie, video, and collage-making application there is! As a team we all get together to constantly come up with ideas for an innovative Kizoa.

My hobbies include photography, getting torn up playing rugby, putting myself back together the following days!


Nationality: French

Languages: French, Spanish

I was the first official Kizoa employee back in 2006, and as head engineer, I've created and developed the Kizoa platform to what we now use today. I continue to develop many new features along with the rest of my tech team so Kizoa can continue to be a leading photo and video creation platform!

I'm said to have a sharp eye that can pick up the smallest details on any screen, pixel by pixel, which may be why one of my favorite hobbies include coding. Some other hobbies of mine include building and vacationing in Las Vegas!


Nationality: Croat

Languages: Croation, French

I am a java developer and constantly work on new projects to bring useful and fun features to Kizoa for all of you to enjoy!

My hobbies include playing soccer, going to the movies, and traveling around the world!


Nationality: French

Languages: French

As a PHP developer I am constantly coding to create and enhance new features and options on the Kizoa website to ensure a fun and easy navigation for everyone! I also run tests to make sure that Kizoa is always in tip-top shape.

My second biggest hobby next to coding is doing magic. I even did a few magic tricks during my interview here at Kizoa! I also enjoy reading... a lot!


Nationality: French

Languages: French, English, German

I am the Marketing Director and lead the rest of the team in distributing new updates to all Kizoa users around the world. I also am an important part of the creative process when it comes to thinking of new features and content for Kizoa!

My hobbies include cruising around on my motorcycle and filming my adventures on my GoPro, enjoying everything Paris has to offer, and getting informed about the latest innovations in the internet world!


Nationality: American, Austrian

Languages: English, Spanish, French

I am the Traffic Manager and oversee all of Kizoa's online advertising across multiple markets using various platforms. I am also the Country Manager for both English and Spanish speaking countries, so I cover all marketing aspects for these zones to make sure everyone is always up to date on Kizoa's latest news whether it be through newsletters, website updated, or public relations.

My hobbies include riding bikes, swimming and travelling!


Nationality: French

Languages: French and a few basic phrases in any other languages our users call in =)

I'm in charge of customer support for our French-speaking users and am here to help with any questions they may have so they get the fullest creative experience on Kizoa! Aside from providing support for our customers, I also take care of office administrative tasks.

My hobbies include keeping up with the latest beauty and fashion trends, enjoying rugby through the t.v. screen instead of getting pummeled on the field, and dancing!

Paris here we come!

The history of Kizoa takes place in the beautiful city of lights, Paris. Not only is Paris the perfect backdrop for stunning photos, but a lesser known fact is that camera photography originated in the surrounding region of Paris.
Kizoa has evolved along the same pathway as photography has. We continue the legacy of all the greatest inventors and innovators of photography with the same passion they poured into their work so we can offer you the Kizoa you know today.

1822: The first photograph

The beginning of photography goes quite a ways back to 1822. The very first photo was produced by French inventor, Joseph Nicéphore Niépce in his hometown of Chalon-sur-Saone which is only about 3 hours away from Paris. Although he did take the first photo of all time, unfortunately his first image was destroyed after many attempts had been made to duplicate it. However, he was able to later successfully take another photograph 4 years later of the view from his window. This piece of history can still be seen today at the Harry Ranson Center in Austin, Texas.

Photography: France's gift to the world!

A few years after Joseph's milestone discovery, his business partner, Louis Jacques-Mandé Daguerre further innovated photography by coming up with the first commercially successful photographic process using a camera obscura known as the daguerreotype. In 1838 while Daguerre was taking a photo of a Parisian street, a pedestrian stopped for a shoe shine thus becoming the first photograph of a person. This invention was so ground-breaking that France decided to pay Daguerre for his formula in exchange for him to announce his discovery to the world as a gift from France, which he did in 1839. Upper class and highly influential people around the world were requesting self-portraits of themselves using the daguerreotype. Some notable famous faces captures in time by this invention in include Abraham Lincoln, Edgar Allan Poe, Honoré de Balzac and more.

The Lumière brothers: Innovators extraordinaire

The next big landmark in photography came with the introduction of the first commercial use of color photography known as the Lumière Autochrome thanks to French innovators, Louis et Auguste Lumière (aka the Lumière brothers). They introduced a patented color photography process which consists of a glass plate coated on both sides with microscopic grains of dyed potato starch which acted as color filters. This new type of photography became wildly popular for capturing landscapes as well as for photojournalistic images.

The Lumière brothers and cinematography

Not only were they the first to successfully commercialize color photography, but they also invented projected Cinematography. Although Thomas Edison had first captured a motion picture which could only be viewed one person at a time through a looking-hole, the Lumière brothers were the first to project a motion picture onto a big screen. They did so by perfecting the Cinématographe which would capture, print, and project motion pictures onto the big screen. They held their first film screening in 1895 in Paris at Salon Indien du Grand Café. This historic event introduced their first film, Sortie des Usines Lumière à Lyon (Workers Leaving the Lumière Factory). The success of their first 50 second short film became so popular that they produced several more short films the following months.

Special effects by the one and only Cinemagician!

Interestingly, one audience member who was present at the first screening of the Lumière brother's first short film was none other than French illusionist and filmmaker, Marie-Georges-Jean Méliès who later on became the first to use various cinematographic techniques such as stop trick, time-lapse photography, and most notably special effects.

Méliès most well-known films are, "A Trip to the Moon" and "The Impossible Voyage" which were filmed in 1902 and 1904. These works are considered some of the earliest science fiction films and debuted special effects which had never been seen before. Because of these ground-breaking films, Méliès became known as a Cinemagician.

Photography & Kizoa Today

Photography and film has come a long way since Niepce captured history's first image from the view of his window in a small French town outside of Paris. Now, fast-forward to today and Kizoa has continued with the innovation and enhancement of photography directly from our office situated in the 20th arrondisment of Paris. We've created a one-stop website and platform that allows endless possibilities with photos, videos, and anything else you can capture with your lense and mold into an inspired creation with your imagination and of course... Kizoa!

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